Edward Collins, Director


Email: edwardcollins@brsac.org

Edward W. Collins entered the aviation industry in 1979 with the purchase of three Boeing 707-321 aircraft from Pan American Airlines for the purpose of teardown and remarketing the parts back into the commercial and military industry. This was recognized as a pioneering leader at the time; as now it is common practice.

The company grew rapidly and continued to purchase an additional 21 Boeing, Airbus and Douglas aircraft for part out. As the company continued to grow, it entered into the aircraft and engine leasing business with Mr. George Batchelor, with the purchase of five Boeing 737-200's from Egypt Air; including the presidential aircraft used by Anwar Sadat which was then leased to the President of Peru. Mr. Collins currently has ownership of ten MD88 aircraft and eight Pratt & Whitney engines, leased to Delta Airlines here.